Idea Factory: Spin Based Music Rights Adoption

27thJul. × ’11

Disjointed thoughts about music business that have been rattling around my brain for a few years:

New Music subscription model. Each spin costs 1 cent, when you have played a song 199 times you own (access to) it from then on. This doubles the going rate of ¢99 per song that iTunes introduced but it also prevents you for paying for crap that you listen to once (apologies to the crap makers, I’m sure you like your album). There are some albums that are ABSOLUTELY worth more than the $20 (on the high side) that I paid for them. I wish there was a standard way to compensate based upon that play it again quality.

All of this was prompted by the $5.99 price I paid for a Amazon music purchase of the new Little Dragon album. There is no reason they shouldn’t be able to sell this experience at a premium to the people that it resonates with.

Imagine the model above but with a cap of 999 plays at 1¢ before you own it. You cant tell me that certain songs arent worth $9.99 each.

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